Monday, October 5, 2009

Thanks to Sonya and Stan

My first post on my new blog! I need to send a shout out to two wonderful people who made me the winner of my very first blog give away. Stan from The Elegant Thrifter and Sonya from Dime Store Thrift did a joint give away a while ago and I left a comment to be put in the drawing. Amazing I was picked. So last weekend a beat up package, thanks to USPS was left on my front steps. I looked at who it was from and couldn't for the life of me figure it out. While I opened up what was left of the envelope and surprise, there was my book from Stan. Sent from New York! I have had very little time to sit and read through it all but I have looked at all the gorgeous pictures in it and can't wait to read what the words all say.

So I wanted to send a big, long delayed Thank You to Stan and Sonya for picking me and sending me that beautiful book.

Sonya has also inspired me to start purging stuff from my house. I sorted out and am getting rid of about a third of all my books that I have been collecting since high school. Yes, a very long time ago that was. ;) So far I have had two people bite on some of my books. Now I just have to find a big box to send my friend Flicka the set she picked.

I will post the list here in a few days so if anyone else is interested in some books let me know.

So welcome to my new crafty/thrifting/crap(as my husband likes to call my treasures) collecting and creating blog. There may be some venting or whining as well as showing off my finds as I try to not purchase anything new new but try to find stuff at thrift stores, rummage sales and auctions plus at some point once I get brave enough I may try to sell my treasures on Etsy and Ebay. So come along for the ride.

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