Monday, October 5, 2009

A little something I did on my day off

I need to find my pictures of the before for my basement rooms but for now you can see what I did when I took Friday off and sent Marjorie to the babysitter. It was just me, the cats and the dog and I didn't sit down from 7:30am until 4:30pm when I picked the girl up from the babysitter.

The old suitcases used to hold all my free material stash.  Now two of them hold my yarn collection.  I should have waited to put more crap in there before I took these pictures.  The shelves are full of books.  My Trixie Belden collection is almost complete too.

The shelves in the corner are my old entertainment center that I painted aqua and have all the my material that I got for free!  The green and white bread boxes are currently empty but I still have plenty of treasure upstairs in the dining room that needs to go down to the basement.

This is my vintage apron collection, found at rummage sales for 50 cents to a dollar a piece.  I will have to take a better picture of my vintage prom dress, I have two vintage slips hanging with it and they block the view. 

These aren't the best pictures since there is only one little glass block window in this room.  This is the room mom and dad lived in all summer, it was their choice not mine.

This is the way I always wanted my bed to look when I was a little girl.  Well, finally at 42 I get my childhood bedroom.  Guess I will have to get that attic room made into a bedroom so mom and dad have a place to stay when they come back in May.  I can just imagine what the old man would say if he had to sleep in this one. ;)

So that was my fun Friday.   I will try to find the before pictures of this room as well as the other rooms in the basement and the rest of the house and share them with you.  This house is a non-stop project and we are slowly trying to bring her back to her former glory.  Someone at somepoint, probably the 70's tore out all the old panel doors from the first floor and also all the baseboard.  I was lucky to find a place in Madison that sells salvage from old houses.  They were giving away doors one weekend so I got 5 for the house plus then purchased enough baseboard to do the living room, dining room and kitchen.  So someday this baby will be back to what she used to look like, at least what I think she should have looked like.

I suppose, it is 10:00 so I better go.  If anyone does find this blog, leave me a comment so I know I am talking to someone out there in Blogland. Thanks.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your experience. I'm feeling so much better after hearing from everyone.

    By the way... your craft room is super cute!