Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here are a few books that I found at various rummages over the summer, Goodwill just last week and Probably total for all these books I may have spent $25. Hopefully they will give me lots of inspiration to make stuff over the winter and maybe make back that $25. ;) A girl has to have a dream, right?

These came from

These were my Goodwill finds

These are a few from rummages this summer.

Here are the sweater haul I made at Salvation Army 3 weeks ago. All wool, cashmere, lambswool and merino. I have to decide if I want to make diaper covers out of these or some of the other adorable craft projects I have discovered to use wool sweaters for. Guess we have to wait and see what I can find in those books, eh?


  1. Hi Shanna,

    can you email me at

    I dont see an email address attached to your profile.

    Thank you!

  2. I love the look, reminds me of something very vintage.

  3. we do have the same basements, but yours is full of stuff I wish mine was!

    I'm dying to get a little corner to myself, but as my husband says, he gets the basement and I get the rest of the house. Boo!

    But fair.
    But boo.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the note. Very serious about the crock pot thing and will join that yahoo group. Thanks for the info! BTW, I'm jealous. I am so not crafty. I actually would pretend to be sick the day of art class in grammar school because it freaked me out that I was so terrible at it.

  5. Hi - Thanks for visiting my blog. You guessed righ - it is a whistle! It makes the loveliest "Hooooooot" when you blow into it. Send me your address (my email is on the top of my blog) and I will send these Valetine's out to you. Yea!

  6. Hey Shanna,

    I just need a number 7. At least 6 inches high, but otherwise we are not picky.

  7. Yummy pullovers!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I will keep you posted and if all goes well there will be a pattern to go with it. Working on it now :D