Friday, June 1, 2012

Do rich people really know what America is?

I am so freaking sick of the lies that the damn political ads keep touting on the TV. And the stupid laws they keep trying to pass that have no basis in fact or reason. What is with the Republicans and their hatred of women and the working class? The US is going to become like 16th century England when they had lords and serfs. The 1% of rich folk are going to be the lords and the rest of us are going to be the serfs. My mom and I were talking and she figures that there will be a culling of all old people, handicap and anyone not capable of doing physical labor. Good thing I have learned to grow a garden and to can and cook my own food. If I had land I could raise my own animals for food as well. I really hope that the Repbulicans get the can because if Walker wins next week in WI women are going to lose even more rights that have been fought for and gained over the last 60 years. If they win the presidential election we will see the end of the world in December 2012. I wish I lived up north and had land to just hide out on instead of living in the big city where you can't even raise a freaking chicken. If Walker wins state employees will be losing the vacations that we have earned over the years and that is the last benefit that we have left. You want to bring us to the same level as Private sector employees Mr. Dumbass then you better look at what we have been getting paid for the last 20 years and compare that to what the same titles in the private sector and fire up that checkbook as we have been making less then half what private sector is getting. I am going to have more to say but I can't get anyone in this freaking house to leave me alone as soon as I pick up the damn computer.