Friday, June 1, 2012

Do rich people really know what America is?

I am so freaking sick of the lies that the damn political ads keep touting on the TV. And the stupid laws they keep trying to pass that have no basis in fact or reason. What is with the Republicans and their hatred of women and the working class? The US is going to become like 16th century England when they had lords and serfs. The 1% of rich folk are going to be the lords and the rest of us are going to be the serfs. My mom and I were talking and she figures that there will be a culling of all old people, handicap and anyone not capable of doing physical labor. Good thing I have learned to grow a garden and to can and cook my own food. If I had land I could raise my own animals for food as well. I really hope that the Repbulicans get the can because if Walker wins next week in WI women are going to lose even more rights that have been fought for and gained over the last 60 years. If they win the presidential election we will see the end of the world in December 2012. I wish I lived up north and had land to just hide out on instead of living in the big city where you can't even raise a freaking chicken. If Walker wins state employees will be losing the vacations that we have earned over the years and that is the last benefit that we have left. You want to bring us to the same level as Private sector employees Mr. Dumbass then you better look at what we have been getting paid for the last 20 years and compare that to what the same titles in the private sector and fire up that checkbook as we have been making less then half what private sector is getting. I am going to have more to say but I can't get anyone in this freaking house to leave me alone as soon as I pick up the damn computer.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Hey

I have to really apologize to all of you who left me comments. As you can tell I rarely post here and was not getting the notifications that anyone actually stopped by here and then left a comment. Oops. Guess I better get working on some projects and post more or at least check my comments.

Again, so sorry I never got back to any of you and apparently never had my email on here so you could find me. It is in the about section now if you still want to chat.

My craft room was taken over for the summer by my parents who stay with us in the summer and live in Mexico in the winter. They leave on Thursday, BOOHOO! I replaced the double bed in that room with a daybed and trundle so that really opened it up for them to have room for the summer and when they leave I can just pop down the trundle and stuff it under the day bed and hopefully get a table in there to get some work done.

We had some new windows put in the living room and replaced the crappy kitchen window this summer but now that the windows are new and clean it is really hard to get pictures as the glass actually reflects now. ;) I made some super simple roman shades that I found on a blog out there, can't remember where but if I do I will be sure to give credit where it is due as they were no sew, all iron and heat and bond. AWESOME!!

Now that I know people have stopped by I will try to get posting again and get some pictures up. Just for fun here is one of my children, very rare that I get one of both of them together and looking somewhat normal. ;)
They kind of like each other, which is good considering they are 14 years apart.

See that blanket on the back of the chair? $5.00 at an estate sale and the 60 year old man running it said he grandma made that blanket. All hand stitched and very few worn spots. Also, nice and cozy since I am too cheap to turn the heat on yet at home. ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been a while

Yeah, I had such grand plans for this blog and then I dropped the ball. Not all that much thrifting happens here in Wisconsin over the winter. Plus new management at my local Salvation Army store has led to lots of junk and not the good kind either.
I have a few good finds that I need to get pictures of so that I can put them on here. Still need to set up some sort of a shop to part with some of these treasures.
I spent a couple hours last weekend ironing hankies that were my grandma's that I have been hanging on to for who knows what reason but now I am going to try and sell them and see what happens. So they are pressed and ready to photograph.
Having a 2 year old sure cuts into any serious crafting and I sure can't take her with to rummage or estate sales.
Oh crap I hear the beast wailing from the upstairs. I will try to get back here sooner next time and with pictures.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here are a few books that I found at various rummages over the summer, Goodwill just last week and Probably total for all these books I may have spent $25. Hopefully they will give me lots of inspiration to make stuff over the winter and maybe make back that $25. ;) A girl has to have a dream, right?

These came from

These were my Goodwill finds

These are a few from rummages this summer.

Here are the sweater haul I made at Salvation Army 3 weeks ago. All wool, cashmere, lambswool and merino. I have to decide if I want to make diaper covers out of these or some of the other adorable craft projects I have discovered to use wool sweaters for. Guess we have to wait and see what I can find in those books, eh?

Hi Kristin!

Thanks for stopping by and I am going to try my best to get your book to you soon. It arrived yesterday, thankfully before the rain started as the delivery person apparently couldn't read my huge note that said packages are to be placed in the garage and not the front steps to be ruined by the weather. ;) So I have it, have your address and now just need to get my butt to the post office to send it your way. I hope you don't already have it. That would kind of ruin the fun now wouldn't it?

You are my first follower, I actually didn't even know I had that option on this blog. This is the new and improved format that blogger has now unlike my other blog. So learning all kinds of new things with this one. It is much easier to get started with this format though.

Hopefully you can comment here soon. I did make a couple changes in the comment section so maybe that was the problem. I can't wait to see what you do with your craft room. ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Promoting a good cause

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action. If I cannot find a job by conventional means, then why not enter Project Green Search’s contest to be the next spokeswoman for the green industry?

Everything about this endeavor is outlined on today’s post of The Thrifty Chicks, . Public voting to whittle down contestants to 10 to be screened and interviewed by the final judges was supposed to start this morning.

I had my blog post set and plea for a vote running early this morning for the East Coast to read as they sipped their coffee.

Alas, Project Green Search is behind in their deadline and public voting will not start until tonight at the earliest or perhaps tomorrow. I will send out information as soon as I learn when the polls open.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me your vote and a plug, a boost on your blog.20Perhaps post tomorrow once we know voting is live.

If you do not wish to post a plug, I will certainly understand.

If you wish to leave a comment to my page on Project Green Search, please do so at Contestants are listed by alpha order by first name. I appear as Shopping Golightly on the 11thor 12th page.
I called Project Green Search to determine what was going on. After learning who I am, the gentleman noted that the judges are looking for “models.” Oh? And a mother can’t model?It seems to me the green industry would be wise to push common sense and green education, not the same old mundane attempts at standard seduction. Who is so foolish to think that common sense and education are not beautiful?Contest eligibly listed no previous modeling experience required and no age limit but for those under 18 needing parental consent.Project Green writes:"Project Green Search is looking for the next “it girl” for the Green Revolution: The woman who wants to take a stand, get noticed, and align her career endeavors with her personal beliefs, to be an advocate for the environment, animal welfare, fair trade, and human rights. She’s=2 0a model, spokesperson, host, brand ambassador and all around green model citizen, for progressive, sustainable, ethical companies, from fashion & beauty to cars & computers."Guess what? That's me!

Besides, many of the contestants didn’t bother to write the required essay and if they wrote something it was a short paragraph. Few actually took the time to write something meaningful. So how are we to know they have the qualifications to be a spokeswoman?

If I sound a bit cheeky, I apologize. I’m trying to take this contest to heart because I take this emerging industry to heart. Plus there’s a lot of stress on my plate as my family has been unemployed for over a year.

Godspeed!Ms Shopping Golightly of The Thrifty Chicks, known to the IRS as Amy Hardin Turosa

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some before pics of the craft room

Quick before blogger or my computer decide they won't let me download pictures.

I only have one of the craft room but will include a couple from other parts of the basement then I can post after photos of those areas for your viewing pleasure. ;)
So this is the corner that the entertainment center sits in now. As you can tell from the finished pictures I covered up where the water pipes come into the house.

This is the back wall of the "Man Cave" though if the damn man doesn't start doing something with it other then filling it with speakers that he will never use, it will become the overflow to the crap room. ;)

This door leads to the Poop Room. That will be a post all on it's own someday. I do actually have after photos but I can't seem to find before photos of inside the Poop Room.