Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some before pics of the craft room

Quick before blogger or my computer decide they won't let me download pictures.

I only have one of the craft room but will include a couple from other parts of the basement then I can post after photos of those areas for your viewing pleasure. ;)
So this is the corner that the entertainment center sits in now. As you can tell from the finished pictures I covered up where the water pipes come into the house.

This is the back wall of the "Man Cave" though if the damn man doesn't start doing something with it other then filling it with speakers that he will never use, it will become the overflow to the crap room. ;)

This door leads to the Poop Room. That will be a post all on it's own someday. I do actually have after photos but I can't seem to find before photos of inside the Poop Room.

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