Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Hey

I have to really apologize to all of you who left me comments. As you can tell I rarely post here and was not getting the notifications that anyone actually stopped by here and then left a comment. Oops. Guess I better get working on some projects and post more or at least check my comments.

Again, so sorry I never got back to any of you and apparently never had my email on here so you could find me. It is in the about section now if you still want to chat.

My craft room was taken over for the summer by my parents who stay with us in the summer and live in Mexico in the winter. They leave on Thursday, BOOHOO! I replaced the double bed in that room with a daybed and trundle so that really opened it up for them to have room for the summer and when they leave I can just pop down the trundle and stuff it under the day bed and hopefully get a table in there to get some work done.

We had some new windows put in the living room and replaced the crappy kitchen window this summer but now that the windows are new and clean it is really hard to get pictures as the glass actually reflects now. ;) I made some super simple roman shades that I found on a blog out there, can't remember where but if I do I will be sure to give credit where it is due as they were no sew, all iron and heat and bond. AWESOME!!

Now that I know people have stopped by I will try to get posting again and get some pictures up. Just for fun here is one of my children, very rare that I get one of both of them together and looking somewhat normal. ;)
They kind of like each other, which is good considering they are 14 years apart.

See that blanket on the back of the chair? $5.00 at an estate sale and the 60 year old man running it said he grandma made that blanket. All hand stitched and very few worn spots. Also, nice and cozy since I am too cheap to turn the heat on yet at home. ;)