Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been a while

Yeah, I had such grand plans for this blog and then I dropped the ball. Not all that much thrifting happens here in Wisconsin over the winter. Plus new management at my local Salvation Army store has led to lots of junk and not the good kind either.
I have a few good finds that I need to get pictures of so that I can put them on here. Still need to set up some sort of a shop to part with some of these treasures.
I spent a couple hours last weekend ironing hankies that were my grandma's that I have been hanging on to for who knows what reason but now I am going to try and sell them and see what happens. So they are pressed and ready to photograph.
Having a 2 year old sure cuts into any serious crafting and I sure can't take her with to rummage or estate sales.
Oh crap I hear the beast wailing from the upstairs. I will try to get back here sooner next time and with pictures.